Community events with a difference

The Fordingbridge Events Group is a non-profit organisation which has been set up to run the Fordingbridge Festival, Christmas in Fordingbridge and other ad hoc events.


How we started

A group of local residents got together and created the Fordingbridge Events Group in January 2018. Our group has been set up to run the Fordingbridge Festival, the Christmas festivities in Fordingbridge and other ad hoc events.

Membership of our group is free and open to any member of the local community of Fordingbridge and surrounding area who feels they can benefit the group or wishes to contribute to the community.

Fordingbridge Festival Happy

Our aims and events

No-one can ignore the importance of community. Cultivating a positive, inclusive and successful culture within a community is one of things that makes a town thrive.

Our events are community events, inclusive and family friendly. Our summer festival is our main fundraising event and any profits made from it enable us to put on other events throughout the year. We also rely on sponsorship - if you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

Fordingbridge Culture Week

Early 2020


Fordingbridge Festival

18 july 2020


Christmas Fordingbridge

30 November 2019


Family events

Our events aim to bring the community together and are for residents and holidaymakers. Come and see Fordingbridge in action!