Fordingbridge Festival 2018 101

What happened to the Fordingbridge Festival?

The Fordingbridge Festival is a one-day event designed to bring the community together. Covid-19 and its after-effects has meant that it has not been possible to run it in 2020 or 2021.

In 2022, the Fordingbridge Events Group, which runs the festival, decided to run a series of smaller, more flexible events that did not require as much organisation, money and time to run. The first of these is the Picnic in the Park for the Queen’s Jubilee, with others to follow later in the year.

We hope to bring the Fordingbridge Festival back in 2023, but we will need a larger supply of volunteers than we have had in the past to make that happen. If you enjoyed the festival in the past and would like to be part of making it happen again in the future, please send us a message using our contact form and get involved in the Fordingbridge Events Group to help shape its future.

Below are some highlights from the last two festivals, so you can remember what great times were had by all.

2018 fordingbridge festival video and pictures

2019 fordingbridge festival pictures